Garden Gate

Garden Gate-2

After finishing and soaking in the remaining drops of tea, I reverse the process – packing my bag – and head for a stroll around the town reveling in the peace and quiet. Our village is quaint. An old gate hangs above Forest Avenue that harkens back to when it wasn’t paved. It is known as the beach gate and reads:

This gate hangs well and hinders none
Refresh and Rest, then Travel on.

I thought of it when taking this photo during my walk…. Moreover, I considered the throngs of people who support the economy of the town during the 8 weeks of summer. We can get upwards of 10000 people on a weekend nearly doubling the town by half. During the summer CF and I never venture downtown in the mid day knowing that it will take an hour to circle the village looking for a parking place. Today, I headed down at 12:30 for a some shopping and found myself slipping into a spot without any challenge. Conversations change. Post high season people have time to visit and to catch up on the towns events. My favorite event of the year is the Christmas Open House where the streets are blocked for late night shopping and revelry. The High School musical groups perform and Santa arrives on a fire truck. That is a story for another time. I have shot gates in the town before but never this one. The brilliant blue sky made for great light – good day for shooting black and white. Lucky for me I had my monochrome over my shoulder.

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