time 2We are all traveling through time together every day of our lives
All we can do is our best to relish this remarkable life.

Richard Curtis

I was watching a movie recently that featured a story about a young man who could travel through time and the impact this had on his future and his past.  The story was sweet enough and the premise enjoyable but it was the message of the film at its end that has stayed with me.  As a lesson from his father, the young man experiences each day as it would have been lived with all the stresses and strains each of us face as we navigate the day – running for the bus, grabbing lunch, big presentation.  Then, he would live the same day, knowing full well the pace and outcome. The second time he is freer and without worry – fully immersed in the day savoring each moment, each interaction.  He repeats this practice until he is so adept at living life fully engaged, that he no longer needs a second crack at the same day.  Lovely fantasy full of all sorts of meaning and a very strong message.  I clearly know the days that I am living in the moment and enjoying life for all it has to offer.  AND I know the days that I am not. How lovely to have more days of the former and fewer of the latter…..

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