root system

When the root is deep
There is no reason to fear the wind

This has been on my mind. What are the ties that bind? Are we grounded in shared values? Is it our home and community that give us roots? Is it how often you see someone or is it how much you miss them when they are gone? Does a place give you community or a community give you place?

I used to think I had this answered. Most of my family has lived in the same towns for as long as I can remember – a part of the world where the roads have been so deeply traveled that I could drive them blindfolded. I am not tied to that place for any reason other than it is where I grew up. It is a part of my past.

I feel like a cloud moving through the world with ties only to people. We meet in unlikely places like seeds scattered in the wind. Invisible strings keep me tethered to them near and far. I am connected by images and words.

Foolishly I think of the word grounded and how obsolete it sounds in a virtual world and ponder whether to fear the wind.

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