Friday Night

It’s Friday night. My feet are up. I am tucked under a soft and comforting throw that protects me from the evening draft. I have a glass of wine. And I have started making a special dinner to celebrate the end of the week. For now though, I am just sitting (see tips of my feet) in my sanctuary reflecting.

I realized this was the first time in two weeks that I had picked up my camera. It was a startling and disheartening realization. I went back to my data files and identified that not only had it been two weeks, but in the preceding weeks, the numbers of photos were dwindling. Scheduling and too many projects at work had compelled me to cancel this past Monday’s session with my mentor. A wave of disappointment rolled over me.
I haven’t been writing either.

And then another realization – I have felt a bit disconnected in these last few weeks – busying for the moves, the holiday season, the needs of my work, and enjoying my visiting husband. All necessary – and all good. When I felt the weight of the camera in my hand I realized how much I have missed it. I plan to remedy this in the coming weeks as I get back to my California roots, visit with friends and family, eat too much at the holiday and look to capture smiles and laughter through my lens.

I crave inspiration instead of perspiration.

I crave focus.

And I crave time to pursue my passions – my interests,

and to write long emails to friends I miss each day.

Baby steps. And so tonight I tackle sweet potato gnocchi with a brown butter sage sauce served with one of my favorite wines, listen ta all my favorite music – I may even dance in the kitchen – and count my blessings. Tomorrow camera in hand, I will tackle inspiration.

Tonight, it is just me on a date with me.

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