Learning new things

I have never made gnocchi before. Not necessarily an easy project when one is glutton free. Therefore from the beginning it was a big project. It required research. At the end of the exercise I had a really yummy meal of sweet potato gnocchi with a brown butter sage sauce paired with a rich red wine. What followed was a perfect night’s sleep. That my friends is an award winning Friday night! There is nothing like a bit of cooking to take your mind off the week’s challenges and frame you for the perfect Saturday and Sunday.

Mostly what I loved about cooking a dish never before tackled was stretching beyond the boundaries of what I already knew. Sure I have the basic cooking skills. But there is something amazing about putting the puzzle together and sitting down to a beautifully presented dinner that tastes as good as it looks. It reminded me whist-fully of all those Project Mimi’s. There is such a feeling of accomplishment in crafting a great meal, being satisfied and learning new things. A perfect Friday night.

Friday nights tend to be underrated everyone just scrambles to close the week. I love the way my friend BC does Friday nights. It is always a sandwich night with her family. It is always at home with no compromise. It is about sharing the week – every week for 52 weeks a year. And each week is a new sandwich. I love the mix of tradition with newness. She plans for it all week. How great is that!

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