My little corner of the universe

…. bursts with the colors of Fall. The crisp autumn breeze encourages a rhythm in the grass that is soothing. I turn my nose to the air to sniff the changing smells – much like Sophie used to do. There is a smell to cold that is an intoxicating freshness mixed with musky smells of chimneys springing back to life. This is the last fall in this house that has been so good to us and I relish this moment outside, surveying the backyard and thinking of warmer afternoons splashing in the pool or long dinner tables set for friends or the three of the cats as they strolled the back yard looking for adventure and repose. I pause to take it in and place it deeply in my memory bank. Times change. Where there once were three there is now only one. The afternoons spent languishing pool side are now often spent in California. It is time for change – time to embrace a new adventure. It is also time to be thankful for the joy this home has brought us and the many memories we have created here. It is an investment in time to stop and smell the roses or in this case, the fall.

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