Nostalgic mornings

golden hour

I refer to it as doing the turtle. As the alarm goes off my head pops out from under the warm comfort of my bed to sniff around and assess the air temperature. My arm comes out next and reaches for my phone to look at the weather. And on days, like today, when it reads 26 degrees with a windchill that makes it feel like 21 degrees I turtle back into my shell – reverting to the downy softness of my bed. At that point a debate begins in my head about doing the right thing versus doing the warm thing and 30 minutes later I emerge. At that point, I begin the debate again. Same principles only now I am vertical. And that’s when it happens… my mind wanders to the beauty of California and the consistency of the early morning light as it appears over the hills behind my house. I think of how I rarely consider the temperature as a part of my morning routine. The consistency with which I attack the morning climb waiting right outside my door.

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