November 25, 2012

This is a reblog from a November 25, 2012 post.  It was Thanksgiving and we were in California celebrating the holiday with my parents.  I love this post, and this video and on this Thanksgiving there is much again for which to be grateful.

Harvest moon

CF and I were living in Columbus and had just built a house.  It had been a long endeavor and at the end of the road, we had a house we loved.  The entry way was beautiful with a sweeping princess stairway.  For our first Christmas, we decided to invite my parents  As Chuck and I decorated the house, we settled on two trees; one in the great room and one nestled in the curve of the entry way staircase.  It was beautiful – decorated in dried roses and antique ribbon ornaments – all handmade.  Christmas eve, CF made a delicious dinner and we sat around the table enjoying each other’s company  and reveling in the spirit of the season.  It was one of life’s perfect moments.

And then a familiar song came on and my Dad reached over and grabbed my Mom’s hand and asked her to dance.  Both Chuck and I watched as they gently danced in our hallway in front of the Christmas tree.   And while the memory is strong I have regretted not having the moment captured anywhere other than my mind.

And so, this Thanksgiving, as the music played and they began dancing I quietly filmed the moment to have for all time.

The words to the song mean so much more as the year draws to an end.  I have always loved this song – one of my favorites – and now I have another reason to love it.


  1. This is a wonderful blog. Brought tears to my eyes. My Mom use to play this on our piano And we all sang along. I can still see the picture on the front of the Sheet Music. Thanks for sharing this special time. Happy Thanksgiving!

    XSent from my iPad

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