Bracing Walk Home

It is well documented that I am not a fan of cold weather. Making the jump to the West Coast was a result of 6 consecutive weekends of snow in the winter of 2000. The result of which was an announcement from the usually patient CF that the next winter he would be living somewhere else – somewhere that didn’t require shoveling each Saturday and Sunday morning during the winter. For so many reasons it was the right choice for us and I attribute much of my happiness and success to a fateful snowstorm. But, make no mistake, it does not mean I have to enjoy the cold.

I also love a good long walk. A chance to reflect on the day ahead or the one just finished. It clears my head, helps me sleep and gives me time to plan the next day. All the better if my camera is with me and I can snap a few shots… Such was the case last night.

As the doors opened and I stepped outside, I immediately felt the bracing cold. I pulled my hood up and put on my gloves. My camera was slung across my body like an intrepid photo journalist and I set out. The air felt refreshing as I left the University of Pennsylvania campus and crossed the Schuykill River. I looked out towards 30th street station at the magic of the light reflections on the water. I passed the most aptly named gym – SWEAT- and crossed through steam vents releasing warm air into the night. My mind raced with all the days events and plans for the upcoming ones as each step brought me closer to Rittenhouse Square. I have such a fondness for this part of the city having spent some of my professional life with an office window that faced the Square.

My lesson of the day was all about the importance of rest. My body tired, my mind clear I was prepared for a good nights sleep. A wish I had for both my mother and father – who have in the last week run a marathon at a sprint pace.

I believe we are capable of anything if we are of rested spirit. Who knows what today will bring but I am prepared for most anything.

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