Matter Matters.

Structure of matter

Apparently since it has an entire building dedicated to its study at the University of Pennsylvania. I saw this while walking to lunch with my Brother’s family. It mattered a lot just then because I was really hungry – nonetheless, I stopped to catch the moment. Later, upon looking at the photo I started considering what really matters.

Family matters. The last week I have seen our family at its best – full of hope and promise. And our worst, filled with despair and concern. Alternately each of us takes a lead as we navigate the situation at hand. We wait for unanimous decisions against which we can rally as a team. I am proud of us for hope has prevailed and with each passing day I am more convinced that there is a pot of gold at the end of this rainbow. First though, we have to get through the storm.

Friends matter. Little texts with simple messages like “cyber hug” are reassuring and remind me that it isn’t just the family into which you are born, but the family that you make.

Caring matters. Acts of selflessness for the betterment of others. I continue to be amazed at the resilience of the human spirit with nothing more than a simple smile.

Love matters. Unconditional and boundless as moments become hours and hours become days and the pieces fall into place. To know it is a journey with a certain outcome and that traveling with loved ones is the reward.

And lastly time matters… For there is never enough and it is always fleeting. The moments that happen as you sit there waiting are the purest of gold and will last a lifetime.

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