Our Piece of the Sky

The City 1

We settled into our little piece of the sky over the weekend. The boxes are unpacked and as I sat on the couch Sunday afternoon I reflected on this year. I never expected to begin and end the year in different places – but that is part of the great adventure of life. I found such strength in my family – as LT made her journey and as JP makes his. I found comfort and love where I always find it – CF. And friendships for which there just aren’t the right words – PD and AMS. I appreciated that photography has helped me to stop and look and relish those little moments that surround me and while I wish I could have learned that lesson earlier, I treasure it now. We are adaptive beasts – me and my CF – and are learning to like the living in the sky despite a deep belief that we are grounded people. Perhaps that is a life adventure to be learned now and savored later. I see the advantages differently in a world where walls close in as they have on my Dad.

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