Whimsy: Scooter

The Scooter Series-11

January always has me in a blue mood – the doldrums so to speak. The temperatures feel colder as the warm glow from the fireplace and the holiday decorations disappear. It isn’t until the first crocus pushes its way through the soil that I feel a lighter heart and a bounce in my step. This January is no different. It could arguably be the worst. Seasonal Affective Disorder is just plain old sad to me this January.

My approach to combatting this is to surround myself with spirited people who wear big smiles every day (you know who you are) and to make a point of doing the rounds to catch one – smile that is. Also, to look for giggles. To stay connected to routines that make me happy – like my morning walk or an occasional lazy morning under the covers. And finally, find or shoot a photo that makes me feel good. One day in December I had the opportunity to shoot Scooter – a dear friend’s rescue dog. He had been through some really hard times before landing in the honey pot of Steve and Mark’s home. His personality shines through when you meet him. The memory of the time we spent together that afternoon along with his quirky expression packed face bring me joy – so important and in short supply.

I hope you will love little Scooter as much as I do just by looking at him, and that his photo brings you a January boost just as it does me.

Happy Wednesday.


  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts during January. You are not alone. It always seems like a long month,often very cold, so one is more confined. That dear dog is surely priceless – he looks so very wise. How wonderful that you caught him in such a “wise” pose.

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