Whimsy: Cats and Boxes

Christmas, moving and grocery shopping is the trifecta of excitement for Zellie….  Why?  Because each of these events involves boxes.  Christmas Presents, moving boxes and cases of water don’t stand a chance when she is around.  And at this particular moment in time, we are inundated with all the above as we move from one house to another.

“Cats like boxes because they are cryptic animals; they like to hide,” Stephen Zawistowski, science adviser for the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, told Business Insider. “And a box gives them a place of safety and security.”

zellie in a box-2


The internet is loaded with videos of cats in and out of boxes – including big cats.  It is fascinating to watch a leopard or lion try to squeeze themselves into a cardboard box – instinctively attempting to be invisible.

Same is true for our very quirky Zellie….  She loves a good box much to Angie’s disappointment.  Each week she comes in to take care of the house and – also instinctively – picks up the empty water case and tosses it in the recycle – all the while thinking “why did CF leave this on the floor?”  2015’s big accomplishment thus far is for Angi to understand that it isn’t CF just forgetting about the case, but rather he has struck an intentional agreement with said quirky cat that this is something he will do to make her happy. Now Angie whispers Mamacita to Zellie as she hides in the discarded water case and Zellie in turn purrs back.

But wait.  Greater happiness was found during Christmas when self-proclaimed cat lover asked himself “what do you get the cat that has everything?”….

A Kitty Hut.  It rests securely atop her favorite comforter – provides security – a solid place to hide – and furthers the belief that she is one of the funniest creatures on the planet.

Perfect presents 2

Perfect presents 4Perfect presents 5


  1. Beautiful photographs!! I desperately need one of those Kitty Huts! Anything to give me a break from my pathetic brother Steve and my sister Ethel. Thanks for sharing!

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