Wonder of Sea Travel

Ocean terminal

There is something so romantic about an ocean liner. I was never one for sea travel until my Dad and I went to Alaska. The Silversea was a beautiful ship and it changed my mind completely about setting sail. He loved the ocean – not to be confused with the beach. He grumbled each time there was a holiday trip to the seaside but every photo of him had a big smile. One of my favorites photos of him is as he crouched down to play in the sand with Little a. Coming upon this ship in HK harbor with the evening sun hitting it just so, I couldn’t help but stop and think of that trip. I was a bundle of raw emotion but the positive memory of those days made me smile. Later in the week the ship would be gone and too the inspiration for the memory.

I think about the times I have been on boats. Earlier in my life I spent weekends powering on the Chesapeake – with an occasional sail on a Hobie Catamaran. A couple of years ago we spent a week cruising the canals of Burgundy drinking wine and eating cheese with a gaggle of our dearest and oldest friends. Seems I don’t have a bad time on a boat. I thought of this as the week progressed and again when I looked at this photo.

The harbor walk along the shoreline of Kowloon is a favorite for me and my dear friend SW. Whenever we are together in that part of the world, we awake super early to walk as the sun comes over the hills. Rarely do I get to capture the afternoon light and with such clarity in this part of the world notorious for its poor air quality.

I relished the afternoon of friendship and the light both in spirit and in the setting sun.

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