What we have in common is greater than our differences…..

SW and I arrived for our dinner reservation early just so we could shoot at the carnival located on Hong Kong Island near the Ferry landing. It was a Saturday night and all my meetings were done for the week. The trip had been a successful one, but the morning meant saying goodbye which is always bittersweet. Such a good friend and a rare person, my time with him is always special. The dinner was a treat for him – one where he got to choose the restaurant to celebrate a milestone. As it turned out, there was time and opportunity for some giggles beforehand.

I learn something new each time I am in Asia and especially when I am with SW. This visit he taught me that he is the master of the selfie (unquestionably) and that he is equally bad at carnie games as me (actually perhaps a bit worse). Last trip he taught me about these little gems.


I never miss eating the sweet center of one of these yummy pastries at breakfast. It is a sweet egg custard that is like having morning dessert and reminds me of my Dad’s saying that “life is short, eat dessert first”… But I digress….

Back to the carnival…. Bright colors, lots of noises but mostly families sharing a Saturday evening together. The sentiments associated with family and time shared were without geography or boundary. I remember times as a kid when we would go to the carnival at our school in Newark, Delaware. Years ago…..

And so it was that I came upon this family as the elders encouraged a young man to try his hand at ring toss. I love the series as he sizes up his shot…..




And watches the result….


It made me consider that no matter the place, we are all human. That which we share in common is so much greater than our differences. If we could focus on that wouldn’t the world be a smaller community… I know that by doing so my friendships have been richer.


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