What is a Sweet Monkey?

My Dad could eat ice cream. I remember Saturday afternoons. After finishing the yard work he would settle in front of the TV to watch golf with a bowl heaping full of ice cream, Spanish peanuts and Hershey’s syrup. He never missed a chance to eat ice cream. Years ago we lived for a time in Columbus Ohio where there is a dairy that since 1870 has made the most delicious ice cream – Graeter’s. It just wasn’t Father’s Day without a shipment from Graeter’s – a tradition we began years ago. Yesterday I was chatting with my friend NP who has a similar fascination with an ice cream parlor in Hawaii. It is the universal sweet treat as shown by this young man’s supremely contented face…. and focus as he tries to avoid the inevitability of a dripping cone.

Ice cream-2

CF and I had a history for a while with pints of Ben and Jerry’s New York Super Fudge Chunk. It is a slippery slope for if I were to have some now, I would devour it just as a did then. I loved the rich dairy goodness of the chocolate ice cream with all the hidden gems of chocolate bits and nuts. This girl’s apple did not fall far from her father’s tree. I also loved Ben and Jerry’s for they were clever with their names like Cherry Garcia and Chunky Monkey. I imagine that to be the most fun job at Ben and Jerry’s – the naming of the new confection.

sweet monkey

It’s a shame Ben and Jerry’s didn’t think of Sweet Monkey. An odd name when you consider it, but somehow it cannot help but make you smile. And what carnival is complete without a stand that supplies endless doses of sugar. Just the thought of eating cotton candy makes my teeth hurt. But there it was, off in the corner – illuminated by the Carnival screen – and looking just as you would imagine a sweet monkey to look.

Try this… a game I started with my friend PD of trying to take our friends and give them ice cream names… Everyone needs a giggle each day and the game provided just that. If done well, the names are hysterical and the fun is in getting there. Just ask Strawberry Chipmunk.


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