Why would anyone ride a bike in Hong Kong

I definitely can see it in Copenhagen. The notion is so central to the Danes’ core that there are actually more bikes on the road than cars (at least that is this girl’s perception). And I think I would be bold enough to do it in Paris. After all, I know the city so well and can cover it from one end to the other happily on foot. New York seems possible since they have made the streets friendlier to cyclists. London is out of the question after seeing the movie One Day (2011). I jumped out of my seat about 3 feet. But Hong Kong is a big NEVER. Wouldn’t even consider it.

prevention of influenza

That is why this bike seemed so out-of-place. Sure. Cars in HK? check. Ferries and junks, ships and yachts in HK? check. Even rickshaws in HK? check.
But a bike? NO WAY.


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