Why I love walking in the morning in HK

There are so many things to see and do before the rest of the city wakes. Early morning hours are made for the city’s prep teams. Bakers, Fisherman, Butchers, Florists. Getting the city ready for the hustle and bustle of the day.

In the park, people are doing their Tai Chi, sitting peacefully enjoying their piece of green, or walking in the gardens nestled between the high rises. Flamingoes stretch their legs among the verdant greens.


Along the harbor, locals are dropping an early line to see what will bite….


And at the central market fruits and vegetables are being unloaded and uncrated.


Which leads me to my favorite stop… the flower market…. It is usually the last stop before heading for my morning cup of coffee…..

I recall my first trips to this part of the world, where arrival always included a massive bouquet of flowers arranged in ways unfamiliar to my western sensibilities. Exotic,beautiful and captivating they awaited me in my room. Fruits I had never tasted like Mangosteen and mango. Customs unique and unknown. The sense of discovery and adventure.

I feel that way now, seasoned traveler that I am, when I walk the streets in the early morning. I am unencumbered, fresh, open to discovery. Streets are devoid of people rushing and filled with people of purpose. My head and heart are clear.

And that is why I love my morning walks.


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