We love a great bottle of wine and a really good story.

And Belle Glos does not disappoint. It is full of family and history and respect for the generation that came before. Strong matriarchs play a leading role – not dissimilar to my family.
Bella Gloss
Winemaker Joseph Wagner chose the name Belle Glos to honor his grandmother Lorna Belle Glos Wagner the cofounder of Caymus Vineyards. The video that follows is a tribute to her. I chose to include it because I love the message about family and being deeply rooted to each other.

The wine brings us such pleasure. We share experiences with friends over these bottles, but mostly, it is when we crack the deep red wax for just ourselves. No small feat I might add. It means a night of sharing and talking and enjoying one another. Those are my favorite times – just the two of us – whether in our sitting room or in a restaurant.

Ironic that, with our love of wine, we have never been to Napa – something we plan to remedy next month as we head off to join the Beachrats for a long bacchanal. Whenever we are together it is an orgy of food adventures complimented with amazing wines. And, I am certain, an opportunity for some photography. I am looking forward to it for so many reasons.

For now, though, I’ll settle for a bottle of Belle Glos and two glasses and a rainy Dallas afternoon with CF.


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