Wishing on Dandelions

On the banks of the creek behind our home sat a dandelion alone in the sun. Perfectly round and inviting. It was the first dandelion of spring and sat there begging for a wish.

Dandelion, puffs away,
Make my wish come true some day.

Dandelion 2

But wish I did not. Instead, I left it there for someone else. I’m not sure if I am too content or if it was simply too difficult to edit it to one wish. My blessings are many – as are my wishes. I wish for more time with those I love here and gone. I have wishes for my family each particular and targeted. I wish for good health and well being for those I love. I wish for clarity and answers to questions that plague me.

Rather, I tell myself that in good time the answers will declare themselves. That I will continue find time to be with those I love. To do the best I can each day and trust that good things come to those that wait.

Ironic that most of what I wish for is time, and that which I lack is patience.


  1. May Light always surround you;
    Hope kindle and rebound you.
    May your Hurts turn to Healing;
    Your Heart embrace Feeling.
    May Wounds become Wisdom;
    Every Kindness a Prism.
    May Laughter infect you;
    Your Passion resurrect you.
    May Goodness inspire
    your Deepest Desires.
    Through all that you Reach For,
    May your arms Never Tire.
    D. Simone

  2. A wish is a goal that lacks a plan, and you can plan with the best of them. Fairly certain your wishes will come true.

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