Why 9 Koi?

feeding the fish

On a recent visit my dear friend SW counted the Koi in the pond in front of our house and declared you must have 9 Koi. Mind you, it is very difficult to count Koi (they are also very difficult to photograph). They are in constant motion. It appeared we had 8.

He explained that the number 9 sounds like the word permanence. And that Koi and benefit also sound the same. Having 9 Koi symbolizes “Always in Abundance”.

I like to think of that as a mission statement for our home. Always Abundant. Filled with love. Always fun. Abundant with hospitality and a welcoming spirit.

Wholeheartedly I believe that SW is the 9th Koi. He fills our lives abundantly. But just to safeguard, if only 8, I will go and get a beautiful #9 as an insurance policy.

Happy May Day.


  1. What a beautiful way to start May Day. The photo is exauisite and the thoughtful commentary is very special. If you talk with your Mom today, you might ask her about the significance of May Day. I always called your grandmother early morning on May 1, because of a very funny experience I had with your Mom on May Day when I was a Freshman at UNH.



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