We love a great bottle of wine and a really good story.

And Belle Glos does not disappoint. It is full of family and history and respect for the generation that came before. Strong matriarchs play a leading role – not dissimilar to my family. Winemaker Joseph Wagner chose the name Belle Glos to honor his grandmother Lorna Belle Glos Wagner the cofounder of Caymus Vineyards. The video that follows is a tribute to her. I chose to include it because I love the message about family and being deeply rooted to each other. The wine brings us such pleasure. We share experiences with friends over these bottles, but mostly, it is…


At heaven’s door they will put your heart on a scale and only the lightest ones will get in.

Waiting for laughter

I didn’t take this photo – my friend and photographic mentor did. He was playing around with my Leica while we were having lunch after a morning of shooting portraits of my mother. This winter has seemed particularly long and hard. The barrenness outside is felt deep inside as all of us heal from Dad’s passing. This photo is imbued with hope… Seeing her laugh makes me smile and fills me with the purpose of trying to do all I can to ease the hurt we share. I hope the warmth and sunshine of Texas filled her with a sense…

Wishing for Spring

I think everyone is wishing for Spring. At least now the weather is warmer but the skies are still gray and raindrops keep falling. I took this photo on an unseasonable day for my part of the world. Rarely do we get snow. We are not prepared for it. We don’t have snow plows, or shovels, or salt and sand. On this day, we were forced inside except for this shot of the Perot Museum in Dallas. I love that the sprinklers are still running. I guess hope does spring eternal.

When do you feel most accomplished?

I have an app on my phone that acts as a pedometer. It is handy for those morning walks and to make sure I hit my marks in steps. As we moved into the house, I put it in my back pocket thinking how interesting it would be to measure the distance traveled as we settled in. On deck – opening boxes, putting things away, and then taking the boxes to the garage for recycling. Imagine my surprise at the end of the day when I realized I had traveled 11 miles in my home. Mind you – our house…

What is Fang Sheng?

It is a Buddhist practice dating over a thousand years. Known in English as “release life” Buddhists free caged animals – often birds – into the environment as a way of generating positive karma through acts of kindness. Yet another reason to love birds. I didn’t want to remember the hours I sat at this table during our transition from our old home to our new home. It was here I constructed my love letter to my Dad – his eulogy. My mother has a saying that you are never given more than you are capable of handling although those…

Waiting for the Rain to stop…..

He implored from his perch amidst the branches “please let me in”. The rain steadily fell all day and as I turned away, he scurried off knowing that his plea fell on deaf ear.